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Hi! I'm Leah. 

I am passionate about children and families. Each member of your family matters.  I have spent over twenty years working with children and families as a preschool teacher, super nanny, and a provider of supervision for families. Providing a warm and comfortable backdrop for families in transition to spend time together is at the heart of my practice.

My work is judgment-free. I recognize that I am not walking in your shoes as a child or parent going through a transition. What does this look like in practice? I am present as an extra set of eyes during your family time. My role is to provide safety﹘ both emotional and physical﹘ for each individual during a visit. I am a neutral presence who will more or less be a fly on the wall, stepping in as necessary. Notes are taken and shared as determined by the referring source such as an attorney, or parenting consultant. 


My style is friendly and approachable. I strive to provide an environment for families to spend time together and truly connect. I value communication with the families I work with and I am open to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise. 

Family Matters is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) , a membership organization of professionals who provide supervised visitation and access services to families. Leah Goldfarb has earned the first credential offered by SVN to recognize providers who attend a 24-hour training and pass a certificate exam.


Whatever brings you to seek out a supervisor, know my focus is on the time children and parents spend together, and how I can best support each of you. Family Matters!

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